Pictorial Journey Through MFGIDQ

Once upon a time…on the Upper East Side of Manhattan…


UES street signs.JPG

Chris Bellows lived in a brownstone not unlike…


…frequently feeling lonely.

But one night he met a fabulous drag queen named Coco Chanel Jones, who took him to a ball at…

The Plaza.JPG

The Plaza front entrance.JPG

Not that they entered through the front, like the rich and famous guests…

The Plaza loading open.JPG

But, even so, Chris accidentally met an amazing guy, J.J. Kennerly, which may have involved a pair of shoes not unlike these…

Ferragamo shoes.JPG


To thank his new friend Coco for getting him into the ball, Chris took him a yummy gift.

Levain Bakery view inside.JPG

The catch was, Chris and J.J. had to keep their romance a secret. Which was difficult, because J.J. was very famous and constantly hounded by the press.

Press Hounds.JPG

But sometimes they would manage to slip off with friends through the anonymous throngs of New Yorkers…

Subway 72nd St.JPG

Bleeker Street subway.JPG

Christopher & Gay St.JPG

Grand Central 1.JPG

Central Park flower bridge lighter.JPG

Chris and J.J. fell in love. But it was complicated. They even argued. Which made them both miserable. They decided to have a day where they would ignore their problems, and just enjoy each other and their wonderful city.


Times Square w: NY bus.JPG

Times Square TKTS stairs.JPGRockefeller Ice Rink.JPG

Macy's w: skyscrapper.JPG

They even thought about what their love might become if their lives were less complicated…

Macy's Wedding.JPG

Stonewall Inn.JPG

But then it looked like the fairy tale might have to end in heartbreak…at another glamorous ball…

The Met from front.JPG

In another very public venue…


Find out how it all unfolded…and how it ended…



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