What I Did On My Summer Vacation (with MFGIDQ)

I love to travel.  Like, I LOVE to travel.  Along with teaching and writing, it takes up a lot of my time.

So this summer, I took along a copy of My Fairy Godmother Is A Drag Queen to keep me company.  In each place I visited, I took the book with me at least once to get some candid pics.  Hopefully this blog shows the fun and whimsy I try to have when I’m traveling…just as I often try to have while I’m writing (if suitable to the subject matter)!

My travel started — as so many great trips do — in my favorite city to visit, London.1.jpg

That train took my mother and me to St. Agnes, Cornwall, England.  (Okay, technically the train took us to Truro, but a cab ride later….)


After a week of this stunning view, we headed back to London to meet up with one of my sisters.  While there, I went to Regent’s Park, and what is probably my favorite spot in all of London, Queen Mary’s Rose Garden.


From London we headed to Madrid, Spain.


By a lucky chance, it happened to be World Gay Pride.  So I took the book to the parade.  (For the record, my mother attended her first gay pride parade in Madrid…at 79 years-old!  But somehow we didn’t get any pictures of her there.  I wonder why?)


We thought the sparkles in his beard went well with the sparkles on the book cover.



Btw, Madrid and its citizens could not have been nicer or done a better job at hosting this event!

From there, we headed to Porto, Portugal.


I took a ridiculous number of pictures of the gorgeous tiles all over the city.


And even faux tiles.


Mom and my sister headed back to the US, but I joined a friend and her girlfriend in Nantes, France.



One day included a trip to Angers and its fantastic castle.



Eventually I said goodbye to those friends and headed back to England.

After a night with friends in London, I headed to the famed Lakes District.


It’s a beautiful area of the world.  So much so that I’m even including a picture I took without the book!


While I was in Bowness-on-Windermere, after reading research on the previous parts of my trip, I finally got started on the outline of the next book I’m writing.

Which mostly got done a week or so later at the home of friends in Norfolk, East Anglia, England.


Their home is beside a church from the 1300s, which just happens to have possibly my favorite polite sign ever.


I didn’t see any lambs, but even the notion made me happy.

So that was my summer vacation!

Next… Singapore and Thailand over Christmas Break!!!

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